Commission-Based Web Marketing Program


How Does the Commission-Based Web Marketing Program Work?


We perform our web marketing work on a commission pay schedule.  We earn money when you see an increase in traffic to your website.  There are some steps involved, and some accessibility that we require from you.  Here is a simplified version of how it works.


Step 1.  Website review and implementation of recommendations.

The first step we take is to review your current website.  We need to have access to the code of your website so we can imbed a small piece of code that will allow us to track your website usage and track our progress as we move forward with our strategies.  This code is generated by Google for use with their Analytics programs.  Upon your agreement, this is the time that we will implement our recommended changes to your website.


Note:  Website design and hosting services are available but are not included in the Commission-Based Web Marketing Program.  We can also transfer your current website over to our servers to simplify things.


Step 2.  Track and analyze current traffic and implement an SEO strategy.

This is the exciting stuff.  For three months we will observe the amount of traffic your site receives, where it comes from, how long they are on your site, and what information they are looking at.  Based on this information, we will put together a plan to move forward and increase the amount of targeted customers to your website.  We also will set up or make any necessary alterations to your social media presence.  A properly managed social media presence is very valuable to search engine rankings.  Google gives a lot of credibility to the opinions of real people and how many people are talking about your business on social media.


Step 3.  Carry out strategy and perform monthly check-ups and reviews.

This is our favorite part.  After 3 months of reviewing your traffic and devising a game plan, we finally get to show you what we are worth.  We take the data from the 3 months of observation to determine what the monthly average traffic count is to your website.  Our commission is earned based on any increase to that traffic on a per-visit basis.  If you have an average of 1000 people visiting your website per month for the first 3 months and in the 4th month, you get 1100 people visiting your website, we earn a total of $x per person for 100 people.  The amount of commission we earn per person varies depending on your industry and the amount of search engine competition.


Each month we provide a report of the traffic to your site and other valuable statistics to show you what improvements have been made.  Along with this report, you will receive our recommendations for website changes that we feel will benefit your online presence.


A Quick Example: is a math-oriented educational website.  It is primarily made up of various online calculators.  Starting in January of 2012, we implemented a successful strategy to increase the amount of traffic to  The chart below is straight from the Google Analytics statistics for CalcuNation.  In the first week of January, the website received less than 400 visitors.  In the last week of November of 2012, the website received more than 9,000 visitors.  That is an increase of more than 2000%.  You might notice the two large spikes in visitors.  The website was mentioned on a nationally-syndicated TV show and received a large amount of traffic after the original airing of the show and the subsequent reruns.  The impact on traffic from that exposure is long-term through the amount of comments that were mentioned on blogs and reviews of the show after it aired. generates revenue through advertising.  The importance of a high-traffic stream to the website is of vital importance to


We want to share in your success and we value working with companies that understand the importance and benefits of a strong web presence.  We require a minimum

6-month commitment for these services.  There are stipulations in regards to cancellations, or other changes, that we institute to protect our investment of time and resources.


If this is a program that is of interest to you, please feel free to contact us via the link below with some notes about your business market, location, and your current website.