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Starting our blogging journey.


Since Selwyn Marketing is fairly new to the Hutchinson community we thought we would start our company blog so that we could share with you about our small company, all the struggles that being a business owner/working mom brings, and also some helpful tips for those of you working on your own businesses online presence and navigating this thing called Social Media...

What does Selwyn mean?

I get asked all the time what Selwyn stands for and why we chose it for a business name. After telling people how it's pronounced, I get to tell them the story of our beginning. My friends back east know that Selwyn is the name of a small Irish pub in Charlotte, NC. This is where my husband and I had our first blind date on Yes, not only do I make a living doing online marketing, I also found my husband online. After a great first date that lasted late into the night, we have been together ever since. We realized very quickly we had a lot in common, including an entrepreneurial spirit. In 2012 we created #SelwynMarketing. We decided on the tree logo because our favorite Irish bar is located in an older part of Charlotte with great trees, and like a good strong oak, we planted our roots as a family there and we have been growing ever since!


Getting to know us!

Here is the latest family picture of our crazy little family. My husband Jon is the owner of a construction business here in Hutchinson. My son Nolan is (5) and my daughter Everly is (3). We lead busy lives, like most families with small children. Visit us at Selwyn's office and you will likely find one of my kids here "helping" or even our four-legged greyhound/office hound Abi there to greet you!

Jon, Janice, Everly & Nolan
The Richardson Family

Our family moved to Hutchinson in November of 2014. We relocated back to my husband's hometown to be closer to family. Big city to small town has been an adjustment for sure, but having been here for 4 years now, its feeling more like home. I have found the more I put myself out there to be a part of the community the more I #lovehutch. There are a lot of amazing resources for moms of small children here and most are free! Raising my children in a small town had a big appeal when making the decision to move. While we miss our former home in NC/SC, we are always excited for the opportunity to travel back and see friends.

Moving to Hutchinson meant having a true stay-at-home mom opportunity. I left a full-time very busy job to focus on having my babies. The past several years have been a blessing to have had that time with them, but my entrepreneurial inner-self was waiting to break out again!

While at home I started being creative again and launched a small up-cycled art business called Splinters-N-Rust. Most weekends you will find me teaching classes at a small store in our town that offers handmade goods from local artists. As I have started to grow my #splintersnrust business I have made some wonderful connections and I have had the opportunity to help some other businesses with their online social and web needs. The logical next step was to find a brick and mortar location in town to serve as an office space outside of my home as well as a studio work space for my creative projects!

We are excited to have a presence in downtown Hutchinson, and we look forward to building our local client base. We are focused on offering affordable solutions for website design, SEO, branding, and social media management. We know most business owners are busy running their business and either don't have the time or the knowledge to navigate today's online demands. We want to be that solution that you can trust to give you value and help grow your business!

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