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Real Life.

So, I have been thinking about what this blog should look like and what my next post would be.... Should it be strictly marketing information for our followers? Should it be more real life posts about running a small business and raising small children... or a mix of the two??

I have come to the conclusion it is going to be a mix of everything. EVERYTHING. As I look at my day, I normally end up juggling many things, and wearing sooo many hats. My mind is often 10 places at once. Some days it's a #hotmess. Let's just be real with each other. Other days, I am silly enough to think I may just have it all together! But, that feeling normally doesn't last too long.

So, if you check in and find a post related to the ciaos of real life stuff, don't be surprised!

So proud of all the #mompreneurs out there, chasing a dream or a passion; and all with little ones at their feet, or in my case destroying things in the next room. We work tirelessly to be everything to everyone, and rarely get the recognition it deserves. And if you are a stay-at-home mom and wearing the 50 hats a day that requires, I applaud you too!! We have to raise each other up and help each other to keep pushing forward. You may see from time to time we will give a kudos publicly on our page to these woman as we cross their paths. Help us celebrate them and support them if you know them!

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