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Social Media Tidy Up?

I tend to read a lot of articles late at night after my kids have gone to sleep. This is really my only time to do things like read articles or catch up on my own Facebook or Instagram feeds. Most articles are mom related in some way, as I am in that season of life....but this one caught my eye. With the recently breakout of Tidying Up star Marie Kondo's method for cleaning up our household belongings, should we also be considering the same for our social media friends, groups & pages we follow and subscribe to? How much of what we see in our social media feeds effects us negatively on a daily basis? Are we offended by other views so much that is causes a comment war to ensue? Or, are you the type that just scans and keeps on scrolling for the happier more inspirational post and just ignore all the rest? Do you ever feel the obligation to stay friends with people that you know aren't your tribe? How many people on your friends list are only there because you once knew each other years ago, or met briefly through a group or significant other and you just felt obligated to accept a friend request or send one?

It may just be an age group thing, because I feel like as you get older you are okay with having a smaller group of friends. Those real friends that you actually want to follow their daily lives, and friends you feel like are your tribe (as many mommy groups phrase it). Have you thought about cutting out those toxic people and #Tidyingup that friends list? If you think its time to clean house ask yourself, “Am I actually friends with this person, is it worth it to see their posts?”

"I think I owe Marie Kondo a solid. While all the rest of my friends are cleaning out their closets and tossing out all their old Tupperware, I am tossing out “friends” that were never actually my friends in the first place.

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to cut off toxic people. This is a real life thing we are totally willing to do, but for some reason, when it comes to our social media accounts, we leave them there."

Here is the link to the article by Totally the Bomb in case you are interested in the full read. So, go ahead, spark some joy and start that clean up!

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